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E-Conferences & Symposiums

Looking to add an insightful performance discovery session into your conference, workshop or symposium?

We love to meet diverse groups of people curious to know more about the benefits of infusing Whole Person Performance solutions into their professions and workplace practices. We are super-focused on superior action: it’s our aim to come to your event with the outcome of moving your people to perform as their very best selves, and discovering the tools they need to action success. ROI of Whole Person Performance investment delivers on qualitative outcomes and organizational impacts like lowered stress, resiliency and agility, greater engagement, retention, belonging, equity, and productivity. Should you invite us to present to your group, we’ll  invite you to participate in an on-going evaluation to help us gauge the long and short term impact from our engagement.

Intuity Performance offers participatory Whole Person Performance sessions to:

  • enhance employee engagement at all levels

  • understand personality profiles & behaviours for better communications & productivity

  • grow the Emotional Intelligence of a workforce to build a better business

  • develop an organizational culture of equity and belonging

  • create quality human resource systems for small businesses

Image by Avel Chuklanov
Image by Nick Morrison

Intuity Performance excels at delivering on-line learning sessions for diverse groups of teams and professionals. We can facilitate a small focused group working together virtually to decipher a problem and find a solution, or present a new concept to 100 strangers on a zoom call and inspire engagement and the desire to learn more.

Intuity Performance uses a Coach approach delivery method to motivate action and elevate performance: we tap into the best traits of people to help them shine.

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss how we might facilitate Whole Person Performance insights and learning at your next annual conference, AGM, or association training session. It’s our business to help others elevate, and we’re always honoured to be asked.


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