Intuity Performance believes that corporate culture should be inclusive and open to action-focused conversations that promote teams to elevate current strategies, processes, and procedures. Our facilitation offerings focus on best practices for human resources, management, and individual and team performance to help companies best navigate the current and complex issues facing organizations, from equity to sustainability, to inclusive productivity.

Our offerings include:

Workplace Communications


Through the power of self-awareness, participants will understand their own behaviours and how to effectively interact with other styles of communication.​​ Effective communication has been proven to avoid team breakdowns, reduce conflict, and turnover. Adding self-awareness of communication styles to your team's tool belt will result in effective team communication and positive increases to decision making and overall productivity.

Peer-to-Manager Formula


Participants will receive a tailor-made formula that will set the course to elevate from peer to management, by preparing for the many-faceted roles and responsibilities of successful leaders and how to communicate performance-based objectives. Participants will receive guidance to develop their own action plans to thoughtfully apply what they’ve learned.


Trust-Based Leadership Method


Participants will explore the impact of their personal leadership style and how it impacts others the workplace. This includes the importance of listening for understanding, creating an environment of accountability, and identifying individual versus team needs. Participants will gain the how-to to establish and maintain trust within teams as a leader.

Teamwork Lab


Participants will gain insights and access to everything they need to make teams gel and excel.This is a skill building offering that enhances communication, cooperation, and project-based outcomes. Participants will learn how to distinguish between different personality types within their workplace and how to utilize their internal strengths to positively navigate the company culture.

All of our offerings are available through remote telecommunications and in-person. *All in-person offerings follow COVID safety guidelines and are mindful of social distancing.*