Ange MacCabe,  CEO & Founder, Intuity Performance

Intuity Performance exists to elevate performance through systems and solutions that support the engagement, development, and growth of individuals or the organization’s people, their most important asset. We do this through a Whole Person Performance approach that includes: Workplace Training, Coaching and Facilitation.

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Certified Professional Coach & Whole Person Performance Expert

Improving Whole Person Performance is the best leadership investment we can make for ourselves in our businesses. The Whole Person Performance approach embraces human potential of growth in motivation, beliefs, and our agility to innovate and create change. The key to this growth is insight and awareness in order to respond to opportunities in our Emotional Intelligence Quotient, or EI-Q. Everyone has the opportunity to grow their EI-Q, and Intuity Performance is set up to guide this process to success with our training, facilitation and coaching offerings.

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“Improving peopling skills is the best leadership investment we can make for ourselves in our businesses.”

Ange MacCabe,  CEO & Co-Founder, Intuity Performance

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“I've had the pleasure of working with Ange as both a peer coaching student and as a coaching client. In every interaction, Ange exhibits great integrity and an intuitive understanding of coaching. She effortlessly meets you where you are, supporting your growth through effective and productive communication. She is extremely warm and down-to-earth, balancing being easy to work with with the skill of challenging you to stretch into your growth zone. Whether studying together or coaching, Ange demonstrates passion and a seasoned level of knowledge and experience born/gained/earned from over 9+ years of experience in various HR leadership roles and a range of industries from construction to government. With a tool-set of emotional intelligence and coaching skills, she is a credible force in the Performance, Human Resources and Management coaching fields.”

- Gabrielle Joyce LMSW, Vice President of Client Experience at InspireCorps-Coach

“I thoroughly enjoy Angela’s coaching style. She is extremely personable and takes a practical and professional approach to problem-solving. Angela has coached me on multiple occasions and I have made positive forward progress each time. Her support is always incredibly genuine and sincere and her passion for helping others is always evident.”

- Jackie Rorquist,

Senior Performance Analyst 3s Health

“I have worked with Ange in various capacities for Halifax Business Accounting Inc.’s human resource needs. Ange was flexible in jumping into my projects mid-way and fair in her review of next project steps. She is 100% straight forward, professional, and direct in her approach. She is knowledgeable and experienced. Ange went above just consulting and offered advice that will set myself and my team up for future success. If you are looking for an HR professional to tell you what you want to hear, hire someone else. If you are looking for a strategic partner to help you through a planning process, assess a situation or advice on the direction to take with various scenarios, I strongly recommend a call to Ange as she continues to be my first for human resource needs.”

- Bonnie O'Toole,

MBA CEO Halifax Bookkeeping and Accounting Inc.