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Whole Person Leadership Cohort - March 2023

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Welcome to the Whole Person Leadership Cohort 8-week training program. Join fellow leaders from other industries to develop confidence, cultivate emotional intelligence and elevate your leadership skills.

Our next Cohort begins on March 22, 2023. Sign-up today to reserve your spot!

The following topics will be covered as part of your Whole Person Leadership Cohort Experience.

1.Leadership Discovery: Assist leaders to understand core concepts and best practices of today’s management styles and determine the type of leadership needed for their team members.

2.People Management Skills: Supporting leaders to delegate effectively, empowering team members to work autonomously, and creating a culture of feedback and recognition amongst the team.

3.Accountability Leadership: Develop a workplace that is built on accountability, where employees feel fulfilled by their work, are treated fairly and can count on their leaders to provide support and add value through candour enriched conversations.

4.Visionary Leadership: Assist leaders to understand how to implement visionary leadership characteristics such as big-picture vision, forward-thinking and drive team motivation with a compelling vision of their own with their team and provide a safe place to practice.

5.Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Assist leaders to learn how emotional intelligence quotient (EI-Q) applies to successful leadership and cultivates self-awareness around their interpretation of interactions, how to manage stressful situations, practice empathy and manage relationships amongst team members.

6.Coaching for Performance: Empower leaders to understand how to take a ‘coach’ approach to develop team performance, when to apply the 4 styles of coaching and learn how to implement the GROW coaching model in aligning their team.

7. Group Coaching Sessions: A safe space for leaders to share their experiences, leverage the knowledge of the group and continue to develop their human skills. These sessions will be focused on exercises, putting learnings into practice and designing commitments to be realized in the workplace.

8. Evidence-Backed Assessment: As part of joining the Whole Person Leadership Cohort, you'll have the opportunity to complete an Emotional Intelligence (EI-Q) Assessment which provides insights into the four area's of EIQ and their subcategories.

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