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Are You In Touch With Your Values?

Intuity Stands For…

  • Integrity

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Community

  • Accountability

  • Equity

Intuity Performance was founded to fill gaps. What gaps you ask? Well really it comes down to ‘people’ gaps. Our leadership team is where we start for effective change. However Intuity Performance’s approach to looking at the people behind the role vs. the role itself impacts all professionals.

It starts with integrity. The integrity to run our organizations based on what we say and act upon. How we carry our business interactions ought to align with what is written on our walls and manifestos (values). Intuity Performance supports this notion with passion. It is so important to have actions that show what culture means. The first step is to really understand what your culture currently is and what you wish for it to be. Having honest conversation with team members along the way keeps engagement alive.

We know based on the new leadership models, Servant Leadership, Accountability Leadership and Win/Win Leadership approaches they all have facets of emotional intelligence. Research tells us that over 88% of successful leaders have high levels of emotional intelligence.

How does this show up in the workplace? Safe to fail environments, high levels of leadership ownership and efforts to lead from the back.

Community is important in the workplace. We spend over 80% of our waking hours at work or doing some form of work related tasks. Knowing that you are a part of a community with strong roots, support systems and willingness to problem solve is a key component of resilient organizations.

Accountability is a strong predictor of leadership in an organization. Then make the appropriate actions for change. For a leader to stand up and say, ‘hey I messed up, here’s where I went wrong and how I will correct my error.’ That takes solid strength and (normally) is a pillar for high levels of trust and as an outcome engagement in the workplace.

Equity. Organizations that establish and maintain equity in pay, company perks and awards, in diverse voices, and opinions are far more likely to produce higher levels of revenue then those that are not. When equity is present it lends itself to a sense of community.

Intuity Performance exists today to work with companies and individuals that want to look past the role and focus on the whole person performance systems. Ensuring that our business objectives align with our people is the balance between proactive and reactive endeavours.

Want to learn more? Contact us for your complimentary consultation.


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