Creating a Culture of Communication in the Workplace

Updated: Aug 27

Critical to ensure employee performance and positive team dynamics, efficient communications don’t come easily to all, which explains why it can be such a sensitive topic for leaders. Establishing a clear communication strategy is the first step but managers have a role to play to create a true culture of communication in the workplace.

On our Elevate Business podcast, Michael Jansen put it this way: you’re the boss but your job is to enable your staff’ success.

Effective workplace communications can bring people together and get them to stand behind a shared goal and vision. It’s the glue that makes a team stick.

On the other hand, underperforming workplace communications can bring teams to fall apart.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to set the example, whether when dealing with a single individual or an entire team. It is also your responsibility to ensure your team has the resources and the know-how to operate in a concerted way.

Now More Than Ever

In a context where staff are working remotely, proper communication is even more important.

Teams need to know what to expect. What communication channels are being used? How often can they expect to hear from supervisors and management? When, how and where can they access the information they need?

In highly collaborative virtual or hybrid environments, leaders should reflect expectations and obligations through programs and informational tools that allow staff to perform tasks with ease, even when located outside of the physical workplace or collaborating with other staff based elsewhere.

According to a McKinsey survey on the future of hybrid work, the companies supporting small connections between colleagues were the ones enjoying higher productivity levels during the pandemic.

Virtually onboarding new hires are good opportunities to test out an internal communication strategy. If new staff can easily find answers to their questions and start developing relationships with their teammates, chan