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A New Addition to Intuity Performance

We are delighted to share our news, Intuity Performance is expanding!

If someone were to ask me when I opened Intuity Performance how fast will you grow?, I would have said with reservation in year two or three. Things have an interesting way to fall in place. Here we are nine months in and we are so excited to announce effective today, October 1st, 2020 our partnering with Scott Rust, Owner of SR Coaching. Scott is stepping out of the SR Coaching brand to grow with Intuity Performance as Co-Founder and COO.

What does Scott bring to Intuity Performance?

Scott is a swiss army knife for our operations. Bringing bilingual skill sets Intuity Performance now offers our Whole Person Performance coaching and facilitations in French. Scott is seasoned with international business development, with his relationship building mastery, has seen 5 million in sales per year, Scott has a strong eye for strategic marketing and keeping an organization in great form with sound time management strategies.

The great thing is with Scott, he will share his gifts through Intuity Performance’s Coaching and Facilitation streams. With Scott’s skill sets and clear fit with Intuity Performance’s values and vision, it was a no brainer to join our superpowers with Scott Rust.

The best part...We now offer in-person services in both Nova Scotia and Ontario at ease, while continuing our results driven online offerings across Canada and The United States.

What’s Next For Intuity Performance?

Intuity Performance will continue to elevate Whole Person Performance through systems and solutions that support the engagement, development, and growth of individuals or the organization's people, their most important asset-though Workplace Training, Coaching and Facilitation.

Stay tuned though over the course of this month we have more great insights to share with Scott and dive deeper into the opportunities to elevate your Whole Person Performance.


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