Leading remotely during difficult times

Leading remotely during difficult times such as these is becoming the new norm!

How can you as a leader do this effectively?

Daniel Seligman, Director of Inside Sales at Platterz shared best practices on LinkedIn recently and there are a few I wanted to share: ~

  • Morning meeting (daily) - See and speak to the team every morning. Provide company updates, shoutouts and personal information.

  • 1:1s (weekly) - 30-minute meeting with your manager’s undivided attention.

  • Cribs (2x week*) - Let employees take the team on a tour of their homes. Great way to connect on a different level.

  • Gametime (2x week*) - A 10-minute mental break with the team. We have been using GameMonk through Slack.

  • Yoga (weekly*) - EOD on Wednesday we host a company-wide yoga session. Great way to decompress and workout from home as a team.

Establishing routines or opportunities for engagement and availability to your team is critical.

This also provides leaders with the ability to share more about themselves on a personal level and get to know their team differently. Being approachable and empathetic can make difficult times easier.

Howard Prager with HCI shares a few key strategies to help you as a leader when leading remotely: