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The Super Power of DISC

Chances are you’ve taken a personality profile test at some point in your professional journey.

These tests are often used in HR to fill leadership positions and help organizations build productive and successful teams. They also can provide great insight for personal growth, goal setting and achievements.

With a solid nod to the man who created Wonder Woman, Dr William Moulton Marston (BA Harvard University, LLB Harvard Law School, PhD Psychology, Harvard University) not only invented the first lie detector test and authored numerous self help books, but developed the DISC model for non-judgmental behavioural assessment that has become very popular and useful in the modern workplace.

I see DISC as a superpower that everyone can harness and deploy.

DISC is broken down into 4 primary behavioural tendencies and emotions: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Conscientious.

We all have natural styles as well as adapted styles, and more than one. Awareness and understanding of our styles combined with the recognition of the styles of others, through the development of empathy, a key component in using DISC successfully leads to more effective communications, enhanced relationships, better problem solving, reduced conflicts, greater motivation, improved morale, stronger leadership, and higher job satisfaction.

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