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Scott Rust

COO & Co-Founder, Intuity Performance

About Intuity Performance

Scott specializes in productivity and leadership development. He works with organizations to elevate the performance of individuals and teams through a Whole Person Performance approach that includes workplace training and coaching. 


After five years working remotely for an international organization and managing accounts totalling $5M, Scott quickly realized the importance of developing good habits and becoming self-reliant. He launched his first entrepreneurial venture - SR Coaching - as a Habit Development Coach. By helping organizations develop better business habits, Scott inspired emerging leaders and empowered employees in finance, recruiting and health to work more effectively, be more engaged, and lead fulfilling work lives. 


Scott brings his experience to Intuity Performance as the Co-Founder and COO. He works directly with CEOs in tech, online retail and digital marketing and has delivered training for world-renowned brands, including Microsoft, Dior, Sephora, LVMH, and many more.


Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and is a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. Clients describe his approach as clear, actionable, and inspiring. They appreciate his ability to create an inviting space for learning and growth to be realized in the workplace.


As a lifelong learner, Scott is curious about the human skills that drive high-performing leaders and teams. He adopts an outlook of progress over perfection, where small changes over the long term will deliver exponential results. His commitment to elevating performance expands outside of the workplace, pushing his limits in both running and cycling.


If you're interested in connecting, follow the link below and find a time in my calendar that works for both of us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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