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Webinars & Live Training

Short on time but long on needs to help elevate your business performance and corporate culture?

Intuity Performance has developed super focused training sessions to help people move succinctly from inaction into action through confidence boosting learning opportunities. Using a Coach approach in an intensive group session facilitates moving participants through fear or hesitancy into knowledge and poised for success with concrete tools to proceed to the next steps in their workplace.

Image by Wes Hicks
Image by Nick Morrison

Intuity Performance frequently offers on-line learning opportunities for entrepreneurs and workplaces on current topics, including:


  • Inclusive Workplace Blueprint

  • Moving from Stress to Success

  • Workplace Communication

  • Sustainable HR Practices


Shorter, focused sessions on very specific topics can help better facilitate meaningful employee engagement, provide impartial support to solving common workplace issues, and generate concrete activities - the precise ‘how-to’ -  leading to positive changes. These sessions are a great introduction to our services, and also as refreshers to keep up to date if you are already on the Intuity Performance path to elevate your business.


Join our E-Mailing List to be invited to join in on these and other discovery sessions with Coach Ange MacCabe, and if you have a topic you’d like to explore with others that you think Intuity Performance might be the perfect vehicle to develop and deliver, reach out - we’re always interested to learn what you need to know.

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