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Ange MacCabe, ACC, CHRM
Performance Coach and Facilitator

Develop Human-Centric Leadership

to motivate, empower and support your team

Whole Person Leadership requires intention on how you wish to cultivate your leadership style and develop the skills to lead your team. Work on how to become a human-centric

leader by focusing on:


  • Your Leadership Style

  • People Management Best Practices

  • Leadership Tools

  • These can lead you to discover what it takes to be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader and develop your Whole Person Leadership Action Plan ©

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Intuity Performance elevates leadership performance by bridging the gap from knowledge to action in emerging leaders with the skills and tools required to lead their team.



Average Rating provided by participants based on workshop expectations, facilitator, actionable tools shared and impact on leadership development.

Join fellow leaders from various industries to develop confidence, cultivate emotional intelligence and elevate your leadership skills. The following topics will be covered as part of your Whole Person Leadership Cohort Experience.

Live Training
Real World
Group Discussion
Weekly Action Planning
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