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Whole Person Leadership Cohort

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action.

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Intuity Performance is a women-led company whose mission is to inspire people and to help elevate business/services using  a Whole Person Performance approach. Through workplace training, coaching and facilitation offerings, we strive to positively impact engagement, productivity, retention and ultimately, organizational success.

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The Challenge

In working with emerging and mid-level leaders in high-growth startups leaders often convey challenges around:

  • Motivating teams

  • Effectively delegating

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Holding team members accountable

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The leaders we work with are not alone; in fact 42% of managers don't receive the necessary training to be effective in their role.

The WPL Cohort

  • Timeline:  8 weeks, virtual, 2-hours/week

  • Services:  Guided leadership facilitation, coaching, and assessment

  • Goal:  To empower managers to become human-centric leaders

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Our Approach

The Whole Person Leadership Cohort is for emerging and mid-level leaders looking to develop skills to lead their teams effectively. Delivered by Angela MacCabe, a trainer, facilitator, HR professional, and coach, Ange has the knowledge, skills, and experience to transition managers into influential people-centric leaders.


That said, Whole Person Leadership requires commitment - leaders are responsible for setting their intentions on how they wish to cultivate their leadership style and develop their skills to lead teams effectively.

With a focus on human-centric leadership, the cohort guides leaders through:

  • Defining and cultivating a leadership style

  • Developing confidence in people management best practices

  • Discovering what it takes to be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Exploring leadership tools through group coaching sessions

  • Developing a Whole Person Leadership Action Plan ©

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The Results


The average rating provided by participants based on workshop expectations, the facilitator, actionable tools shares and impact on leadership development:

Participants were asked, "What impact did the Whole Person Leadership Cohort have on your ability to lead?" Here's what they had to say:

"I am better at practicing emotionally intelligent leadership"

"I can shift my focus from doing the work to empowering my team"

"I am able to see my team's soft spots and can support them through it"

"I can adapt my leadership approach based on the individual needs of my team"

The Results
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Lindsay Mercado - Director of Quality Improvement and Technology Solutions

I walked away with a more complete understanding of the ways we can lead as individuals and as a group. Ange created a safe space for our team to be vulnerable and express our challenges without fear of judgement. The cohort enabled us to share with each other our successes and issues and apply the tools to what we are facing as individual leaders. I think this type of learning is crucial for the success of any leadership group to make meaningful change in the company they work for.

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Courtney Smith -
Metro Community Living, Program Supervisor

The WPL Cohort made me realize that I had blind spots when it came to my leadership. Since participating in the WPL Cohort, I have begun to approach leadership in a more intentional and proactive way. It helped me conceptualize my role as a leader, better define my leadership style(s) and visualize the positive impact I can have on my team members. In short, the WPL Cohort provided me with the insight I needed to fuel my leadership journey and turn thought into action.

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Brianna Hopaluk - Associate Director of Community Services

The WPL Cohort was dedicated time for dedicated people to work together and we all showed up for each other. Seeing people's soft spots and helping to work through it with them will make us stronger and more supportive of each other. Teams that are looking to build off their existing skills, see where they function as a team and work towards stronger leadership together and as individuals would benefit from this experience. Ange was great at working with us and leading us to our goals.

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