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Empowering Leaders for Tomorrow's Breakthroughs

Intuity Performance unlocks your team's potential with leadership training and coaching that turns tech brilliance into cutting-edge leadership.

Meeting at office

Who we work with

  • Executive teams seeking to get on the same page to reach company goals.

  • People managers balancing an overwhelming workload and lack the skills to lead their teams (and not just manage them).

  • New managers who struggle to delegate effectively, hold their team accountable and have difficult conversations when necessary. 

  • HR professionals, who recognize managers don’t have the experience or tools to elevate their team's performance.

  • Leaders who know Emotional Intelligence is critical; however, only 10% rate having a high EI-Q.

What we believe

We believe that companies thrive when leaders focus less on the job and more on the people behind the job. Developing your leaders and managers to support your people, can lead to extraordinary results. We leverage a Whole Person Performance approach to deliver tailored training and coaching to meet your team's needs.


Jayson Parker, VP of Sales

Trice Medical

Working with Intuity Performance contributed to my promotion by helping me better identify obstacles which have hindered performance, and to develop tools to help improve productivity. What I love about Intuity's approach is their ability to listen and identify opportunities to challenge and coach. If you’re in a management positon or leadership role, I encourage you to reach out to the team and book a discovery session!

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