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Intuity Performance

Elevate Your People With

Leadership Coaching and Training

About Intuity Performance

Intuity Performance is a WBE-Certified, women-led company with a vision to innovate how we approach human resources practices by weaving Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills Training, and Coaching into our offerings.


Intuity Performance improves organizational engagement, performance, productivity, and retention using hybrid training, and coaching methods we call Whole Person Performance. We feel that the key to unlocking a workforce's true potential is to understand the organization's human side and identify the areas of opportunity for growth and development to surpass limitations and positively impact overall organizational performance.


The world has changed; we've all seen a shift in the employment landscape; leveraging the human side of business to reach operational objectives is the future of People and Culture. At Intuity, we believe people are the focus, and empowerment through knowledge is the key to an optimized workforce.


Say hello to a Whole Person Performance apporach!


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CEO & Co-Founder, Ange MacCabe

As the CEO of Intuity Performance, Ange MacCabe is passionate about elevating leaders,

business owners and teams through WHOLE PERSON PERFORMANCE coaching, training

and facilitation.


Drawing from a decade of experience helping individuals and teams in tech, health & NGOs

to reach their fullest potential, Ange is here to revolutionize how people lead.


• 10+ years fulfilling Human Resources roles

• 40 Under 40 Award (2023)

• Top 25 HR Professionals in Canada (2016)
• DISC & EI-Q Facilitator

• CHRO and ACC Coach

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