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Intuity Performance

Elevate your people with evidence-based coaching, training, and facilitation

About Intuity Performance

Intuity Performance is a Nova Scotia owned, women-led company whose mission is to genuinely inspire people and help elevate their business or service through a Whole Person Performance approach of focused, customized solutions to complex problems through workplace training, coaching and facilitation offerings, resulting in increased engagement, productivity, retention and ultimately, success.
We make it our business to bring out the best in yours.

We use a coach approach to help you best solve the issues at hand and achieve your goals, and use evidence-based techniques (DISC, EI-Q) to dive deeper into the root causes of obstacles in performance, communication, and achievement.

We aspire to maximize the Whole Person Performance in all of our work, by bringing together Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills Training, and Cultural Competencies through all of our offerings.

We are excellent listeners, and committed to equity. We believe that corporate culture should be inclusive, forward thinking and open to action-focused conversations that enhance current strategies & systems to create positive, lasting changes, resulting in a culture of belonging.

We believe in abundance. We believe that there is plenty of success to go around, that passion is the path, and that if we are constantly moving towards our goals we will achieve them. We are full of curiosity, grateful, caring, and embrace the limitless opportunities that there are to share.

All of our offerings are available through remote

telecommunications and in-person. *All in-person offerings follow COVID safety guidelines and are mindful of social distancing.*


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CEO & Co-Founder, Ange MacCabe

    •    Established workplace trainer, coach, facilitator and strategic Human Resources partner. 
   •    10+ years building Human Resources and Occupational Health and Safety systems and processes.
   •    Fosters culture change, influencing managers to lead with trust and respect, and creating safe-to-fail environments.
   •    Experience with private and public sectors, union and non-union environments, construction, trucking, logistics, manufacturing, IT and retail businesses. 
   •    Saint Mary’s University graduate with a Certificate in Human Resources. 
   •    Lifelong learner, Certificate courses in Innovation Performance Management, Engaging Stakeholders, Business Communications and Executive Coaching via Coaching out of the Box. 
   •    DISC Assessor, DISC EI-Q Assessor and DISC Facilitator certifications.
   •    Voted Top 25 HR Professionals in Canada via HR Reporter in 2016. 


Ange is a Certified Human Resources Practitioner (CHRP) candidate working towards a formal Coaching designation through the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). 
In addition to family, Ange believes in giving back to her community. She was a national level Director with Thyroid Foundation of Canada (her loving, superhero mother being a survivor of Thyroid Cancer, not once but twice) and was on the Bryony House Board of Directors. 


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