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Meet the Team

We are excited to showcase the amazing people that make up the Intuity Performance team who work directly with our clients and behind the scenes to keep your business and ours running smoothly.

About Intuity Performance

Ange MacCabe, CHRM, ACC,
CEO, Co-Founder

Intuity Visionary, Team Cheerleader & Whole Person Performance Champion.

Ange is an established Certified Human Resources Practitioner (CHRP) with a focus on Workplace Training, Coaching, and Facilitating. She has spent the past ten-plus years building Human Resources and performance systems and processes. She’s worked in private and public sectors, union and non-union environments, and within construction, trucking, logistics, manufacturing, not-for-profit (NGO), IT and service-based businesses. Throughout her experience, Ange noticed a common thread: Organization’s people do not fit one mould. From this Intuity Performance, was created to elevate leaders, business owners and teams through Whole Person Performance coaching, training and facilitation offerings.

Emiline headshot.jpeg

Emiline Willson

People & Culture Consultant

Intuity Program Builder, Client Manager and Elevate Your People Champion.

Emiline Willson is a skilled Human Resources professional with over a decade of national HR experience supporting companies of all sizes, stages, and variety of industries and is intrigued by human behaviours and how they impact work and life. 

Valued as a strategic partner and advisor, Emiline has a demonstrated history of developing, implementing and improving essential People and Culture programs and functions.

Utilizing a business thinking approach Emiline’s HR and entrepreneurial experience aligns well with the client support she provides which is driven by a passion for connecting knowledge with action. 

Emiline is driven by the idea that empowering employees empowers your business and a solid HR foundation supports the cascade of effective leadership to successful teams.


Scott Rust, ACC

COO and Co-Founder

Intuity Sales Initiator, Process Builder

and Leadership Coach.

Scott specializes in productivity and leadership development that includes workplace training and coaching. After five years working remotely for an international organization and managing accounts totalling $5M, Scott quickly realized the importance of developing good habits and helping organizations develop better business habits to work more effectively, be more engaged, and lead fulfilling work lives. As a lifelong learner, Scott is curious about the human skills that drive high-performing leaders and teams. He adopts an outlook of progress over perfection, where small changes over the long term will deliver exponential results. His commitment to elevating performance expands outside of the workplace, pushing his limits in both running and cycling.


Jessica Todd

Social Media Manager

Intuity Visual Content Artist and Graphic Tech wiz.

Jess is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer who works with Intuity in the social media and branding arena.Jess graduated with a diploma in Business with a focus on Marketing and Advertising from St. Lawrence College. She has a passion for creative problem solving, which she brings to all of her projects.


After working in various roles in the municipal space, Jess had the opportunity to fill a communications role managing a $40k advertising budget. During Jess's time as a Communications Officer, her love of marketing and graphic design resurfaced and set her down the Digital Marketing path.


As a passionate creative, Jess is fascinated by how multi-faceted the digital landscape is and how quickly it evolves into new and unexplored opportunities. Jess's love of design expands outside the workplace, where she finds a creative outlet through Interior design and taking thousands of pictures and videos of her three young children.

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