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Team Coaching

Is your leadership team performing at its best? What if they could be?

We create a space for executive, management or department teams to strengthen their communication, build connectivity and work toward team goals.

Problem-solve Management challenges
Builds team chemistry, trust and communication
Improve team performance

What to expect from Team Coaching?

  1. ASSESS.
    Create an understanding of where your team is starting off from and identify areas for growth.


    Based on the initial assessment, prioritize areas for team growth that align with team goals, objectives and priorities.


    Bring the team together to set working intentions, move through roadblocks and create commitments that guide team collaboration, communication and decision-making.


  4. CHECK-IN.
    Recognizing change doesn’t happen overnight; we engage in sessions that build upon each other based on team priorities.


Harvard Business Review research has shown that when we offer facilitation to individuals and teams’ engagement can increase by 20%, yet adding in coaching, the success rate is upwards of 88%

We  break down the barriers that prevent teams from coming together to achieve successful outcomes. Research shows, organizations that engage in Team Coaching can develop:


  • Better connection to accomplish goals

  • Clarity around team behavioural styles

  • Commitment to executive communication

  • Improved team collaboration to move past roadblocks

  • A space to address challenges and work towards solutions

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