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Ange MacCabe

CEO & Co-Founder, Intuity Performance

About Intuity Performance

Ange MacCabe, CHRM, CHRP Candidate, ACC Candidate is passionate about entrepreneurship and solo-preneurs:


“The focus, capacity for risk taking, and innovative spirit required by entrepreneurs fires up my appetite to help maximize Whole Person  Performance and build leadership capacity in everyone.”

With a background in HR and Coaching, Ange started Intuity Performance to fulfil a gap she saw in traditional performance and leadership coaching, to grow what she refers to as the “Whole Person Performance,” through enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence (EIQ) training to take leadership and teams to new levels of success.

“The better we understand each other, the easier it is to communicate and work together towards achieving goals. Intuity Performance exists to elevate performance through systems and solutions that support the engagement, development, and growth of an organization’s people - their most important asset. We do this through a Whole Person Performance approach that includes: Workplace Training, Coaching and Facilitation.”

Ange genuinely wants people to be their best selves, live their best lives, and for their businesses to be outstanding in their fields.

“Using a coach-approach to the training allows for personal reflection and personal responsibility, the accountability path required to boost determination and reach goals.”

Ange’s unique skill set as trainer, facilitator, HR professional, and coach - combined with being an entrepreneur - led to the creation of Intuity Performance - a Whole Person approach to positively impacting Performance, individually and as teams.

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