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EQ+ Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Everyone

The secret’s out: you don’t have to read the Harvard Business Review to know that successful leadership is comprised of not only a well-honed professional skill set, but also highly developed ‘soft skills’ or the ability to accurately perceive emotions of both self and others, to understand how emotions influence relationships, and how to manage the emotions of both self and others in both good times and bad.

As our workplaces become more complex, the difference between good leadership and great leadership often comes down to a person’s Emotional Intelligence competencies -the “how” they do things, not just “what” they do to achieve success. The greater a person’s ability to be proactive vs reactive in their cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal performance, the more rock-solid their leadership development is - and their overall performance.

Great leaders are visionaries, inspire and mobilize people to action, are agile, resilient,  and adapt to changing circumstances. Leaders with high EI-Q create synergies through collaborative approaches, build trust with integrity, are optimistic, and celebrate and encourage their employees to develop and grow. These are leaders that build relationships, value all team members, and create a corporate culture that resonates at every level resulting in higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater levels of productivity, and ultimately, higher levels of company profitability.


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We’ve got great news for you: you can grow your EI-Q.
That’s right, Intuity Performance can perform an assessment of your current Emotional Intelligence traits and competencies to help you better understand where your areas of growth are and how to develop them, as well as how to maintain and support your areas of strengths.

Our EQ+Package includes a very detailed personalized report, interpretation, and Coaching sessions with Ange MacCabe to discover where you need to be, unlock anything that might be stifling you, and put into action your EI-Q growth plan for success. Intuity Performance can also provide EI-Q training to your whole team or organization, to help you create an emotionally intelligent business.

Complete with customized Professional Coaching to help foster the principals of Whole Person Performance, Intuity Performance can help take your leadership to a whole new level.

All of our offerings are available through remote telecommunications and in-person. *All in-person offerings follow COVID safety guidelines and are mindful of social distancing.*

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