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People and Culture Development

Intuity Performance believes that organizations should be inclusive and open to action-focused conversations that promote teams to elevate current strategies, processes, and procedures. Our People and Culture Solutions focus on best practices for Human Resources, management, and individual and team performance to help companies best navigate the current and complex issues.

Intuity Performance’s role is to make it easier for organizations to analyze internal processes and come up with inclusive solutions that lead to high-quality decision-making. As organizations grow, so does the need to acquire skills sets and tools for people-centric leadership. Businesses are faced with a challenge to develop systems and processes that support their team, however may not have the need for full-time Human Resource personnel. That’s where Intuity Performance comes in.


Intuity Performance offers senior-level People and Culture experiences from across several industries at a fraction of the cost of a full-time professional. We specialize in helping you develop customized, sustainable Whole Person Performance and strategies that align with your organizational needs in a way that optimizes performance in your team and leverages their strengths. 


Don’t wait until you are at a standstill or a crossroads to assess your organizational capacity to carry your business to where you want it to go. We provide a neutral lens into your organization to create training solutions and strategies leading to actionable outcomes for your business and act as a sounding board on company dynamics, team relations or strategic matters. 

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Are you interested in learning more about how we can support your strategic People and Culture demands?


Set up a time below and we’ll assess how we can support your organization's growth.​

Our delivery methodologies aim to efficiently transfer knowledge to practice and include:​
  • Strategic human resources planning - in alignment with organizational goals, and elevating team collaboration.

  • Building human resources infrastructures to engage and retain quality employees with a road map for career progression.

  • Creation of performance systems that are built to elevate and align with the company’s vision.

  • Culture alignment programs that increase team engagement and formulates the actions of the company’s values. 

  • Consulting and advising of all ‘people’ related items.


We also support our clients on People and Culture projects such as:
  • Recruitment

  • Job descriptions, streamlining roles and expectations

  • Policy creation (OHS, Personnel, Remote working etc.)

  • Organizational structuring

  • Compensation planning, training, and communication

  • Succession planning

  • Assisting with the Board of Directors through human resources initiatives (where applicable).

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