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Leadership Spotlight: Fueling Team Performance

We’re excited to announce that after appearing on Episode #25 of the Elevate Business Podcast, Sam Arseneau has been selected for the Intuity Performance Leadership Spotlight series.

Sam is the Founder & CEO at SupportMyMac. For the past 15 years, Sam and his team have been delivering drama-free Apple IT services to organizations across Southern Ontario and Montreal. Starting by servicing residential services, Sam quickly grew their company into the corporate world and was awarded the Fastest Growing Company by the Ottawa Business Journal in 2015.

Here are the top 3 insights Sam shared with the community.

1. What does Whole Person Performance mean to you, and how do you fuel that performance?

Performance for us can be summarized by three main principles: Accountability, a growth mindset and a positive attitude. It’s important to have a “getting things done mindset”, things don't need to be perfect - perfect is the enemy of done.

We have a daily huddle, where we outline our three big rocks that need accomplished that day - the things that will move the business forward. It could be from the operation side, the sales side, or the accounting side. Everybody participates, and it gives a sense of accountability, and keeps everyone intune with the team touch points.

The other thing that aids performance is having the mindset of growth, always looking for opportunities, even when you're busy, that activity brings activity. So that's something we've always done, even through the pandemic. We are always looking for a new way, whether it's improving our operations, launching a new service. Lastly, we believe that maintaining a positive mindset helps take performance to a whole other level.

Also, Seeing challenges as learning opportunities has been crucial in helping us identify what we can do differently. Asking ourselves: What can we learn from this? I think, has really fueled our performance and allowed us to reach new heights every year.

Also, going back to basics can be so important, for example: responding to people quickly. I feel that it’s basic things like this that people in the marketplace are just not respecting. Organizations want to have a shiny new service or product, but they have yet to master the basics. I think back to basics is a good place to start to reach top performance.

2. How do you ensure that there is alignment between your three main performance drivers in relation to workplace culture, and the behaviours and habits implemented within your team?

As a CEO, you need to set the company vision. Where are we going? What's not allowed on the bus? We are talking about the non-negotiables. It’s important to define your culture points, and to make sure that you are bringing people on that are aligning with those culture points, and that these culture points are always reiterated through conversation. So as long as the right people are on the bus, and in the right seats, I think the three things I talked about align and happen naturally. I mean, you see quite quickly when you bring the wrong person on and they don't align with your culture. They won’t respect our performance principals: getting things done, always growing, and having a positive mindset.

3. Have you faced challenges with growing your team in relation to culture points and the misalignment of new or existing employees?

Yeah, definitely, like every business, sometimes you hire people that you think are a good fit. Sometimes it's a surprise, and they're not. So I think the lesson is to hire slow, and fire fast. It’s important to realize quickly when something is not right, and to correct the issue, or to get the person off the bus. I know from experience, when you keep the wrong people on the bus too long, it can quickly affect workplace culture and team development. In some cases a coaching conversation can be had.

If you’re interested in learning more from our Spotlight Leadership, check out Jeff McCann's post on The Key To Performance is Execution.


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