Workplace Training

Intuity Performance believes that corporate culture should be inclusive and open to action-focused conversations that promote teams to elevate current strategies, processes, and procedures. Our facilitation offerings focus on best practices for human resources, management, and individual and team performance to help companies best navigate the current and complex issues facing organizations, from equity to sustainability, to inclusive productivity.

Our role as facilitator, is to make it easier for you and your team to utilize skills to analyze internal processes and come up with inclusive solutions that lead to high-quality decision making. Through soft skills training, teams and leaders can better manage stress, and projects can lead to higher level outputs. Our delivery methodologies are action focused and aim to efficiently transfer knowledge to practice.

Intuity Performance specializes in helping you develop customized, sustainable Whole Person Performance and Human Resource strategies that align with your organizational needs in a way that optimizes performance in your team and leverages strengths. Don’t wait until you are at a standstill or a cross roads to assess your organizational capacity to carry your business to where you want it to go.

We provide a neutral lens into your organization to create training solutions and strategies leading to actionable outcomes for your business. Each training session is customized to your business, and we meet your people where they are at to bring everyone up to speed. Leveraging cooperative strengths in a organization is shown to improve performance and increase profits by up to 20% annually.


Our Training opportunities include:
    •    Creating a Workplace of Inclusion & Belonging
    •    Remote Workplace Engagement 
    •    Whole Person Review & Management Systems 
    •    Practical & Strategic Human Resource Mentorship 


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All of our offerings are available through remote

telecommunications and in-person. *All in-person offerings follow COVID safety guidelines and are mindful of social distancing.*