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Workplace Training

Our vision at Intuity Performance is to create business environments that recognize human skills as the foundation required to empower people to achieve extraordinary results. We focus on developing human skills: emotional intelligence, communication, resilience, trust and self-management habits to elevate individual and team performance.

Intuity Performance is the partner that elevates individual and team performance. For growing start-ups and not-for-profit organizations seeking to invest in their people, we cultivate an environment for growth, by developing unified teams that collaborate to achieve organizational success. 


Each of our workplace training programs has been developed through evidence-based research and is customized to your organization through Intuity’s comprehensive needs assessments. We combine education, training and real-life work experiences to develop sustainable behaviour change and learnings for your teams to deliver on their objectives. Each of our programs includes hybrid learning and coaching elements in which we provide an opportunity for participants to practice what they’ve learned within the workplace and come back to discuss their experiences within a group coaching session. 


Book a call with one of our workplace training experts to discuss how you can empower your team with Intuity Performance Workplace Training.

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“ When we offer facilitation to individuals and teams’ engagement can increase by 20%, adding in coaching the success rate is upwards of 88%”  - Harvard Business Review

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3 - Showing Leadership Blueprint


The greater a person’s ability to be proactive in their behaviour, communication and interpersonal performance, the more rock-solid their leadership development is and their overall team performance. Through learning the role of emotional intelligence and leadership, individual leadership styles and the keys of building a high-performing team, participants will be equipped to take on roles in management and lead their teams effectively. This workshop leverages the Emotional Intelligence Quotient model as a way of developing emerging leaders.

Best for new managers and emerging leaders

4 - Self-Management Habits


Working within a hybrid workforce has brought on a new set of challenges to the way we work, which requires a revised set of tools to prioritize tasks, manage distractions, and set boundaries between work and life. Developing self-Management skills have a direct impact on employee performance, engagement, and well-being. This workshop is designed to help participants create an optimal routine and realize the Self-Management habits they need to optimize their performance working from anywhere.

Best for executives, managers and teams

Are you interested in learning more about how you can elevate your team’s performance through one of our Intuity Performance Workplace Training workshops? Set up a time below and we’ll assess and share how we might be able to support your organization.

Workplace Training Opportunities

1 - Workplace Communications


Through the power of self-awareness, participants will understand their own behaviours and how to effectively interact with other behavioural styles within the workplace.​​ Using effective interactions, one of which being communication, has been proven to avoid team breakdowns, reduce conflict, and turnover. Adding self-awareness of behavioural styles to your team's tool belt will result in productive team communication and positively increases decision making and overall productivity. This workshop leverages the DISC evidence-based model as a way of building team dynamics, communication, and team strengths.


Best for executives, managers and teams 

2 - Trust-Based Leadership


Participants will explore the impact of their personal leadership style and how it impacts others in the workplace. This includes the importance of listening for understanding, creating an environment of accountability, and identifying individual versus team needs. Participants will gain the how-to to establish and maintain trust within teams as a leader. This workshop leverages the Emotional Intelligence Quotient model as a way of leading with trust.


Best for executives, managers and emerging leaders

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