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Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to elevate their performance through personalized Coaching. Engaging with a Performance Coach can help you bridge the gap from knowledge to action and develop both professionally and personally.

We believe that every person has the capacity to be coached to achieve their goals and develop their capabilities and performance. People who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Our Performance Coaches are trained to ask powerful questions to bring outside perspective, be your thinking partner, and help refine aspirations into real actionable goals.


Leaders are facing tougher challenges and great uncertainty within their organizations. Asking the right questions, we help you tackle the difficult issues by focusing on the future and identifying opportunities to cultivate your leadership, performance and people skills. We help professionals discover their own paths and identify the tools and systems to help guide them there.

While we are often hired as a Coach within the sphere of business, the focus of engagement can shift to larger items such as life purpose, work/life balance, stress, and becoming a better leader. This is why Intuity Performance applies a Whole Person Performance approach to develop the human skills required to execute in what is becoming an increasingly complex business environment.

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Research shows that coaching has positive effects on performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation.
(The Journal of Positive Psychology)

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Our methodology is a highly focused process to develop high-potential talent within your team, facilitate change for emerging leaders and support executives to develop a coaching culture within their organization. We seek to develop the person behind the job to elevate your performance and empower you to achieve extraordinary results. We pride ourselves on your success in navigating the future as you see it.


Our Coaching includes customized packages for individuals and teams based on your needs.We leverage evidence based tools including DISC Communication, Emotional Intelligence Quotient, Motivators and 360 Leadership. Our coaches work alongside executives, managers, emerging leaders and aspiring employees. We offer a complimentary 30-minute coaching session to allow team members to experience coaching and assess a mutual fit with their coach.

What can you expect from Coaching?

You’ve likely heard of coaching before, maybe in the realm of sports, business or executive, but the real question is coaching the right fit for you? Intuity Performance believes that everyone should have access to a Performance Coach. Click here and we'll shed some light on who benefits from coaching, how it works, what to expect and what you might get from working with a coach.

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