Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment. Engaging in Coaching is where the gap to action is fulfilled. It becomes your agenda to unlock the next steps to hone your superpowers.

We believe that every person has the capacity to be Coached to achieve their goals and develop their capabilities to become top performers. People who get the most out of Coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow. Intuity Performance Coaches are trained to ask powerful questions to bring outside perspective, be your thinking partner, and help refine aspirations into real actionable goals.

While we are often hired to Coach within the sphere of business, the focus of engagement frequently shifts to larger items such as life purpose, work/life balance, stress, and becoming a better leader. This is why Intuity Performance focuses on Whole Person Performance in what is increasingly becoming a complex business environment.
Leaders are facing tough questions within their organizations that resonate both locally and globally. By asking the right questions, we help you tackle the difficult issues by focussing on the future and opportunities for individual behaviour changes. We help professionals discover their own path, and identify the tools and systems to help guide them there, by asking the tough questions.

Our methodology is a highly focussed process to develop high-potential talent within your organization, facilitate transitions, and act as a sounding board on company dynamics or strategic matters. We listen like nobody’s business, and pride ourselves on your success in navigating the future as you see it. By investing in leadership growth, companies can save on average two times the annual salary it costs to train and hire a new employee.

Our Coaching Offerings include packages for Individuals & Teams, and we also offer Laser Coaching Sessions which are short, super-focused sessions on quick, practical solutions specific to one area of interest or challenge. Laser Coaching Sessions are a perfect solution when you need an objective sounding board to help you cut to the chase on a time-sensitive issue. Laser Coaching is also a great opportunity to try out coaching to see if it’s a good fit for you and your team.

All of our offerings are available through remote

telecommunications and in-person. *All in-person offerings follow COVID safety guidelines and are mindful of social distancing.*

Who needs Coaching?


Anyone seeking to grow their professional edge, push past comfortable boundaries, further develop skill sets or who feel stuck in a specific area will benefit from Coaching. High achievers often feel like there is more to life, and desire to dig deeper into finding meaning; Coaching can help uncover those uncharted paths. Professionals that have a lot of questions that focus internally first, are excellent partners for Coaching.  

How does Coaching work?


At Intuity Performance we want to ensure that you receive the best returns. To set us up for success we provide all clients with an intake questionnaire to understand what your needs and outcome expectations are.  We enjoy face to face but often times our clients are in different locations and time is always a consideration, so we use a secure face to face virtual platform for our Coaching sessions. We are trained and professionally certified, and have a clear set of standards and ethics that guide the nature of the Coaching relationship. We make Coaching feel like a conversation. We meet you where you are currently at and ask for your approval to go ‘deep’ to positively challenge you. Coaching is unbiased, deep listening and asking the right questions, at the right time to focus on the client’s taking action towards the realization of their visions, goals, or dreams. Coaching works from within: we focus on you as a whole person to expand limiting beliefs and develop the areas in your life through concrete actions that result in real change.

"Through constant questioning, we see more clearly just who we really are, and what remarkable resources we have access to. We will also see more clearly what is really facing us, and we will become more capable of accepting and responding to change."-- John Morris, Action Learning writer, in "Action Learning in Practice"

What can I expect from Intuity Coaching sessions?

  • A Coach be a catalyst to activate learning through real-life action.

  • A Coach is there to guide you to find the right answers within yourself rather than provide ready-made solutions.

  • A Coach helps you understand the tools you have at your disposal to call on them when the situation requires it.

  • A Coach provides ongoing feedback and confidential space to discuss roles and challenges.

  • A Coach is an unbiased partner to help shift thinking, unlock potential, increase self-awareness, and support you in your journey.

  • When it’s needed, a Coach is someone who has your back.

  • Coaching is a proven resource for introspection and personal/professional growth.

  • Coaching is action-oriented, as well as both present and future-focused.

  • Coaching can feel therapeutic, reduce stress levels, and bring a sense of calm.

What do I get out of Coaching?


Coaching can help you:


  • Feel empowered to own your career and growth

  • Prioritize and focus on your own development

  • Develop clarity and direction on your goals

  • Identify strengths and strategies to reach your full potential

  • Navigate personal and professional challenges that support your growth

  • Meet long-term goals and address short-term challenges

  • Gain an understanding of all of your strengths and build upon them

  • Assist you in identifying blind spots and actioning change